Rating center of the Institute of Economic Strategies and “The Economic Strategies” journal with the support of the International Scientific-Research Institute of Management Problems published the ranking of the 50 most strategic appraisal companies in Russia as of the second half of 2020 – the first half of 2021.


ALTHAUS is ranked 5th with the Strategic Index (SIC) of 70,1 that according to the ranking editorial marks long-term sustainable development perspectives.


The rating methodology grounds on the 9-factor model “Strategic matrix of the company” with the windowed estimate of the qualitative and quantitative indicators aimed at modelling the company profile and presenting its development scenario.


The qualitative indicators are as follows: the grade of innovativeness and differentiation of its services, the level of competitiveness and market place, priority to strategic goals, motivation efficiency, corporate culture and the ability to gain access to the necessary resources ad hoc.  


The ranking of the strategic potential of the appraising companies is published in “The Economic Strategies” journal No 3 (177) / 2021.


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