Rating agency RAEX-Analytics published the results of the annual ranking of consulting companies rendering outsourcing services.


ALTHAUS holds steady positions among the leading outsourcing companies on the Russian consulting market.


Besides in 2019 the company is presented in all ranking categories:


6 place – in RAS financials preparation


11 place – in IFRS financials preparation


22 place – in accounting and tax bookkeeping


23 place – in personnel accounting and recordkeeping


24 place– in payroll accounting


As noted by the RAEX Rating Review magazine, pandemic forced many companies to start working remotely, so they turned their vision towards special companies and the demand on their services remained stable.


Business processes outsourcing allows not only to cut costs but also increase the company’s efficiency, adds ALTHAUS Partner Olga Barbashova.


This summer ALTHAUS offers extra saving: when offering accounting outsourcing or payroll accounting you receive accounting policy review, 2 hours of tax consulting and extra bonuses for free.


For more information please refer to Vitaly Dovgan vdovgan@althausgroup.ru.