ALTHAUS Legal, took part in the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum

For the past seven years, the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum (SPBILF) has been bringing together representatives of the legal community from Russia and abroad on an annual basis, including representatives from executive authorities (heads of Ministries and Departments), legislative authorities (deputies and senators) and judicial authorities, as well as leaders of international organizations, partners from the market’s leading law firms, leaders of legal departments from major companies, and representatives from law schools of over 70 countries.

The major legal event of the year in Russia, Eastern Europe and CIS was launched in Saint Petersburg on May 15.

The Forum features more than 100 business events: panel discussions, lectures, presentations and satellite events covering 11 essential legal areas.

In a traditional way, the Forum’s major events took place in the General Staff Building on Palace Square, although some business and cultural program events migrated to theaters and concert venues. Legal Street, a series of informal topic-based party-type events, also became a highlight of the Forum.

For many years, the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum has been a permanent platform of a high international level to enable dialog between politicians, lawyers, businessmen and scientists.

The representatives of ALTHAUS Legal were happy to meet their colleagues and potential partners as part of the Forum’s major program events. “It is great that a single event enables us to discuss many issues that concern the legal community, and share opinions and professional achievements,” – noted Ilya Smirnov, Partner at ALTHAUS Legal.