December 30, 2021 is the last working day of the outgoing year, which means it is time to announce results and outline plans for 2022.


For ALTHAUS, 2021, the one following the most unusual “remote” year, has become a truly strategically important time. We have outlined a number of goals that we have successfully achieved, and we are ready to share the results:

  1. ALTHAUS is a leading consultant on the M&A market in Russia

In 2021, ALTHAUS team implemented more than 400 projects, more than 250 of which were complex, that is, they assumed the simultaneous work of several practices.

The vast majority – 53% of projects relate to real estate and construction, as well as infrastructure. In 2021, the expertise of our team in this area was also reflected in the first-ever ALTHAUS Deal Book, released jointly with Knight Frank.

13% of the projects relate to the industry of IT and TMT, 12% to agriculture, 6% to FMCG and Energy and resources each.

In addition to the complexity of the projects, it is worth noting their wide geography – 25 countries. Colleagues from the WTS Global international network helped us in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the UK, the BVI, Cyprus, Turkey, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, the UAE, the USA, Venezuela and Guyana.

Finally, the expertise and qualification of ALTHAUS employees in 2021 were recognized by the 16 International and Russian rankings. 8 practice leaders were included in the Best Lawyers.


  1. ALTHAUS is a team that is Ahead of progress

By the end of 2021, there more than 150 employees in ALTHAUS ready to immediately start solving clients’ tasks. We are constantly improving – regardless of whether we work in the office or remotely, and strive by our example to meet the high bar of the “ideal consultant”, which we ourselves have set.


  1. Mission implementation – preparation of the new Russian economy leaders through the development of young professionals

This year, the corporate university has done a lot of work aimed at implementation of our company’s mission.

ALTHAUS University specialists conducted 86 trainings, organized participation of 18 ALTHAUS employees in the WTS Global Academy, and most importantly, the ALTHAUS M&A School project was successfully launched, with two streams of students in the number of 48 people. Some of the M&A School graduates received an internship invitation at ALTHAUS.


  1. ALTHAUS brand strengthening

Raising awareness of the ALTHAUS brand not only in the business community, but also among potential employees was an important task that we faced in 2021.

To this end, our employees attended more than 70 business events, and HR together with practitioners organized 6 performances of company representatives at external venues, universities and case championships.

At the same time, we continued to inform the world about our activities, innovations and expertise: in 2021, 90 news, releases and alerts were published on the ALTHAUS corporate website. This has not gone unnoticed, and resulted in a significant organic growth of ALTHAUS subscribers on Facebook, Instagram and VK.


  1. Plans for 2022

Opening the veil of secrecy, we want to say that in the coming year we will continue to work on the vectors that we took in 2021.

It is also already known that in January 2022 we will open a new practice, in spring we will release the second Deal Book and the fourth book from our corporate library, in May we will launch the third stream of ALTHAUS M&A School and within a year we will update the corporate website, continuing to improve the process of informing about our activities.

And we still need like-minded people in the team, those with whom we will be able to fully implement the ALTHAUS motto – “Ahead of progress” and continue to improve the big little world of B2B consulting.