ALTHAUS Group Partners at the AHK Members Meeting

On November 22, a meeting of the members of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce took place in the center of Moscow, at the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel.
The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce is the official agent of German business and provides support to Russian companies in cooperation with German companies, both in Russia and Germany.

The meetings are held on a regular basis and are aimed at maintaining and expanding contacts between companies that associate with the Chamber.
The opening ceremony of the event was held with the words of welcome from Matthias Schepp, Chairman of the Board of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce.
Olga Barbashova, ALTHAUS Group Partner, noted the importance of understanding the demands of not only Russian but also the international business. During the meeting of the Chamber’s member companies, Olga managed to talk with representatives of Russian and German business and discuss current changes in both Russian and international legislation and standards, including the sphere of financial accounting and reporting.

During the event, the organizers conducted a quiz about Germany. The evening culminated with awarding the quiz winner.
“The organizers of the event provide a unique opportunity for Chamber’s member companies to expand their business horizons and acquire new business partners. During the event, I discussed the latest trends and methods of work in the field of taxation, exchanged views and shared professional achievements, as well as communicated with colleagues in an informal atmosphere,” Igor Smirnov, ALTHAUS Group Partner, commented on his participation.