Strategy development

  • assessing and analyzing external environment
  • analyzing company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • analyzing product portfolio
  • determining company’s mission and goals
  • analyzing strategic alternatives, choosing strategy, making plans
  • determining methods to control implementation of the strategy
  • regular marketing monitoring, strategy updates

Organizational structure optimization

  • determining compliance of target functions of employees/departments with their actual functions
  • estimating actual labour costs
  • determining unnecessary and overlapping functions
  • analyzing the quality of job descriptions
  • employee appraisals, determining their compliance with job requirements
  • changing functions of departments, separating responsibility areas
  • making recommendations to eliminate excessive levels of management
  • assisting in employee layoffs
  • making instructions for interaction between various company departments

Business process reengineering and optimization

  • business process reengineering
  • making effective business procedures
  • making a system of criteria to assess business processes
  • assisting in implementation of effective business processes

Project management and change management

  • developing the rules for project management
  • developing and implementing the process of project management
  • making a project register
  • supervision/control of projects by control points
  • assessing project effectiveness
  • automation of project activities

Creating teams

  • assessing potential of teams and individuals
  • making an ideal candidate profile
  • selecting candidates, making teams depending on the goals

Motivation system reengineering

  • assessing the existing motivation methods
  • developing a system of grades
  • developing a system of motivational drivers and KPIs
  • developing a system of non-financial incentives
  • developing a procedure to upgrade the motivation system

Enhancing commercial functions

  • developing a sales policy
  • developing strategies for various sales channels
  • developing business processes for each sales channel
  • developing management events for the sales department
  • developing a system of motivation for the sales team
  • training sales teams

Reengineering of procurement functions

  • optimization of procurement process
  • optimization of resource planning and inventory planning
  • reducing the time of procurement cycles
  • increasing procurement transparency
  • developing a system of motivation for the procurement team
  • making instructions for procurement activities
  • reducing procurement costs

Eliminating bottlenecks

  • assessing actual capacity
  • finding and eliminating limitations for business development – internal and external
  • finding growth points
  • developing action plans and control mechanisms

Strategic cost cutting

  • determining controllable costs
  • developing alternative ways of cutting costs
  • developing an action plan to cut costs
  • developing a system for costs monitoring
  • building a process of costs management

Anti-crisis program development

  • diagnostics of the current situation
  • developing a program of anti-crisis events and financial recovery
  • debt restructuring

Solving non-standard tasks

  • taking over management functions, control of operational activities
  • finding cases of non-corporate behavior
  • assisting in difficult negotiations
  • asset conservation/deconservation
  • resistance to hostile competition
  • fighting “black PR”