Corporate strategy

  • Business and corporate strategy development
  • Market assessment
  • Strategic sessions and searching for new areas of development
  • Assessment of possible development scenarios
  • Increasing shareholders value and setting strategic development goals
  • Determination of target KPIs, monitoring tools and evaluation of results

Operational excellence

  • Comprehensive assessment of the company’s current state
  • Evaluating the company’s performance relative to industry competitors, benchmarking
  • Identification and evaluation of bottle necks and key performance drivers
  • Developing a strategy for sustainable cost reduction and profitability increase
  • Efficiency assessment and redesign of business processes
  • Transfer of experience to the client’s employees for further independent work
  • Full-fledged implementation support until financial results are obtained

Mergers and acquisitions support, post-integration process

  • Analysis of the company’s readiness for M&A or asset separation
  • Assistance in ensuring effective interaction with parties at the completion of the transaction
  • Operational due diligence
  • Preliminary assessment of the potential synergies and cost optimization
  • 100 day plan execution
  • Transformation plan office support (sign-to-close + carveout)
  • Individual functions business strategy development
  • Transformation of management models and organizational structures
  • Continuous improvement culture set-up
  • Change management

Operational model transformation

  • Diagnostics and development of the target operating model
  • Development of the organizational structure and target functionality
  • Formation of resource needs and optimization of the number of personnel
  • Recommendations for the revision of the motivation and remuneration system
  • Change management during the development and transformation of the company

Customer experience and customer services

  • Transformation of CEM and CSM functions
  • UX Efficiency Improvement
Tatyana Dolchenko