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Dispute resolution & Bankruptcy

The practice is divided into two main areas: judicial and administrative disputes and bankruptcy.  In the judicial area, ALTHAUS Group performs pre-trial analysis, provides support in out-of-court dispute resolution and represents the Clients in arbitration and general courts of all levels as well as in law enforcement, regulatory and supervisory authorities.  In bankruptcy, ALTHAUS Group protects the interests of debtors, creditors and other participants in bankruptcy and arbitration proceedings within the bankruptcy case in courts and regulatory and supervisory authorities.

1. Judicial and administrative work

1.1. Representing the Clients in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration tribunals in the following types of disputes:

  • General commercial disputes (including contractual disputes, disputes based on causing extra-contractual damage)
  • Disputes concerning compensation for harm caused to the life or health of individuals
  • Tax disputes
  • Corporate disputes including disputes related to recovering damages from management bodies of a legal entity
  • Disputes related to antimonopoly regulation
  • Labor disputes
  • Administrative disputes
  • Housing disputes
  • Land disputes and other disputes related to real estate
  • Disputes related to resource supply
  • Intellectual property protection disputes
  • Disputes related to protection of honor, dignity and business reputation
  • Bankruptcy disputes
  • Disputes related to challenging arbitration court decisions or representing Clients in courts considering applications to issue a writ of execution in order to enforce arbitration tribunal awards
  • Environment protection and subsoil use disputes
  • Budgetary regulation disputes
  • Financial market disputes
  • Mediation procedures

1.2. Representing the Clients before the Federal Antimonopoly Service in relation to antimonopoly regulation

1.3. Representing the Clients before regulatory and supervisory authorities in administrative proceedings

1.4. Assistance in enforcement proceedings

1.5. Analytical work:

  • Modeling a judicial conflict in order to assess the prospects of its resolution in favor of the Client
  • Development and implementation of a strategy and tactics of support in a dispute
  • Preparing a judicial review memorandum to identify court approaches to the resolution of certain legal matters
  • Preparing applications and complaints to law enforcement, regulatory and supervisory authorities
  • Preparing draft amicable agreements to resolve a dispute between the parties in conflict
  • Developing a legal position in a case for participants in the proceedings

2. Debt restructuring and bankruptcy:

2.1. Restructuring:

  • Development and implementation of a turnaround plan and debt restructuring plan
  • Development and implementation of a business reorganisation and restructuring plan

2.2. Bankruptcy:

  • Full legal support in individual and legal entity bankruptcy proceedings
  • Ensuring the establishment of control in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Development and implementation of a strategy and tactics for bankruptcy proceedings on the side of the creditor in order to ensure the collection of receivables
  • Protecting debtor’s assets through bankruptcy proceedings
  • Protecting the interests of debtor’s creditors or top management, debtor’s shareholders and persons controlling the debtor in cases of the recovery of damages and in cases of subsidiary liability for debts of an entity
  • Protection of interests of creditors or parties to a transaction disputed in a debtor bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representing the Clients in proceedings related to disputes with receivers on various issues arising in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representing the Clients in preparing and reviewing complaints against receiver’s actions