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Investment and construction consulting

Modern investment and construction consulting means the application of scientific and professional expertise to choose the best solutions for the design, construction, operation and development of various buildings, facilities, transport systems, utilities, and utilitarian systems.

Our team of highly-trained professionals has successful experience of independent construction examination, management and implementation of investment projects, as well as organization of work at construction sites.

Combining the efforts of our engineers, economists, and lawyers, we are ready to develop and implement a model of a successful investment project with the best cost-effectiveness for you.

Ongoing improvement of planning, organization, coordination and control of resources, the quality control and management systems allow us to guarantee a good result in terms of solutions of any technical, financial and economic challenges.

Our services:

Construction audit

  •     Audit of initial permit and titling documents
  •     Audit of completeness of design specifications and estimates
  •     Audit of organisational structure of the project management and interaction schemes between the construction participants
  •     Audit of signed contracts to meet the targets and objectives of the project
  •     Verification of the work schedules performance, confirmation of their validity and feasibility
  •     Audit of quality of construction and installation works, as well as materials and facilities quality
  •     Audit of completeness of executive documentation

Forensic services

  • Examination of abuse, excessive construction costs, inefficient use of resources, targeted use of resources
  • Verification of the scope of works in the Work Acceptance Certificates (KS-2 form) for compliance with actually performed works (inspection measurement), compliance of the scope of performed works with estimate and contract, design documents
  • Examination of the estimated amount of work on the compliance of the design documentation (punch list)
  • Evaluation of the volume and cost of facilities being constructed
  •  The cost evaluation of the construction completion

Financial and technical supervision (FTS)

  • Analysis of the initial permit, design estimates and contract documents for their completeness and adequacy of the project implementation
  • Monitoring compliance with the schedule of works
  • Monitoring of the document workflow at the construction site for compliance with the requirements of the regulatory documents in force in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Analysis and evaluation of the readiness condition of the construction site
  • Compliance control of the performed construction and installation works with the design documents, the current regulations, and construction standards
  • Quality control of the works performed
  • Photo and video recording of the works implementation under the project
  • Control of appropriate expenditures under the project
  • Control of conformity of the budgeted capital expenditures for the project and the actual expenditures
  • Supervising the implementation of co-investors and their counterparties’ obligations under the signed contracts
  • Control of conformity of volume and cost of works performed and invoiced by contractors, purchased materials and services for the development of design and estimate documents to contractual terms and current market prices
  • Coordination of contracts and payments
  • Verification of the updated financial model of the project
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the major risks related to the project implementation and risks of the project cost increase, identification of factors causing deterioration of the financial condition, and making suggestions for their elimination

Public technology and price audit (PTPA)

  • Evaluation of the selection of basic architectural, structural, technological and engineering solutions
  • Evaluation of the selection of the technical solutions
  • Evaluation of the selection of the basic technological equipment under the larger categories list
  • Evaluation of the term and stages of preparation and implementation of the investment project in terms of their optimality
  • Assessment of the expected (limit) value of the investment project implementation
  • Risks evaluation under the investment project

Cost audit

  • Analysis of the sufficiency of budgeted funds under the investment project
  • Analysis of the planned expenditures appropriateness under the investment project
  • Planning of the budget and cost estimates for the investment projects
  • Analysis of the expenses incurred under the investment project implementation
  • Analysis of the project financing structure in terms of the sources of funding
  • Analysis of estimates, including summary construction cost estimate, facility cost estimate and local cost estimate
  • Analysis of the applied rates (Territorial Unit Rates, Federal Unit Rates, pricing regional center, etc.), standards, margins, and the validity of their application
  • Analysis of other expenditures (preparation of the construction site, design and survey works, business travel expenses, transportation of workers, etc.)
  • Analysis of the correlation of the purchasing prices of materials and frameworks with the average market prices
  • Analysis of the scope of works in the estimates for compliance with the scope of works in the detailed design documents

The result of the services rendered is a detailed report with calculations, substantiation, graphic materials, conclusions and recommendations that allow taking timely management decisions aimed to implement the project and increase its efficiency

Evgeny Nechiporuk
Department for Investment and Construction Consulting