Development of mechanisms for reducing tax losses in the Russian Federation

Development and implementation of the optimal structure of a group of companies to attract investors

Development of the structure of activities in the Russian Federation

Consultation on tax issues in the Russian Federation and abroad

Consulting on various corporate and tax issues related to the reorganization of a group of companies

Preparation of financial statements under IFRS for 2009, 2010 and 2011

Development of the optimal group structure, support for the reorganization of the group

Valuation of fixed assets of oil and gas company

Determination of market value of land

Valuation of portfolio shares not traded on the organized securities market for tax purposes

Preparation of an investment memorandum and financial models for attracting investments

Purchase price allocation (PPA). Estimation of the fair value of intangible assets

Due diligence e of a company producing means of monitoring the movement of vehicles

Preparation of objections to the act of cameral tax audit

Due Dilegence of the Russian exchange