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April 26, 2019
Igor Smirnov, ALTHAUS Group Partner, took part in an AHK International Conference.

AHK International Joint AHK – RBCC Business Cocktail conference took place in the Rosgosstrakh headquarters on April 25th. The Conference had been organized by the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce and Rosgosstrakh. The meeting aims to foster networking and communication between the members of the Chambers.

The opening ceremony started with a welcome address from Mathias Shepp, the CEO of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, and Olga Karapysh, the Head of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce in Moscow.  The colleagues thanked the attendants and wished productive networking and having a good time.

“The event organizers are providing us with a unique opportunity to expand business horizons and get new business partners. During the conference I managed to communicate with representatives of Russian and German business, exchange views and discuss the current changes in the Russian and international legislation and standards, including taxation” says Igor Smirnov, ALTHAUS Group partner.

AHK International is a joint conference of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with other business associations in Moscow. Similar events such as AHK International – AmCham Russia Uniting Businesses and AHK International French – German Business Cocktail took place earlier.