ALTHAUS announces new appointment. Since June 1, Ekaterina Repnikova, Senior Manager of the Corporate Taxation Department, becomes a Director. In her new position, Ekaterina will continue to develop the practice, organize cross-functional cooperation within projects and actively participate in the internal training process of the team.


Ekaterina is a recognized and respected leader of the ALTHAUS team for more than 8 years.


She specializes in conducting tax pre-investment research and tax audits of large groups of Russian and international companies, including tax planning and structuring issues.


Ekaterina manages to implement many projects and at the same time always tries to energize the team. She is careful about the most important resource – human capital, in critical situations competently distributing tasks between project participants, effectively managing the workload of personnel.


Ekaterina works very efficiently and selflessly for the benefit of the company, including work under tight deadlines. She lives the life of ALTHAUS, certainly shares the values of the company and is a true leader.