The end of the year is traditionally the time to look back at the past twelve months.  ALTHAUS Group is happy to follow the tradition and share with you the key milestones of 2019.


“2019 was a tipping point for the company,” says ALTHAUS Managing Partner Rostislav Shatenok. “We celebrated our 10th anniversary and stepped over the adolescence threshold, according to Adizes.  Over these years we’ve been growing consistently to become a ‘perfect consulting firm’ for our customers – this is where our main innovations are aimed at.”


Over the past year we have accomplished 10 key steps on the way to our goal. Let’s look back at those:


  1. New Awards
  2. The first milestone on the way to perfection is professionalism, according to Rostislav Shatenok.In 2019 ALTHAUS Group and its employees were included in a number of prestigious ratings, which is a clear sign of high quality of the company service. They are:

2. Opening of a new office in Saint Petersburg

  1. “Professionalism is not the only thing that matters,” says ALTHAUS North-West Branch Manager Herman Shekhovtsev. “What’s the use of the most professional and established consultant if customers cannot reach out to them?”

    ALTHAUS Group presence in Saint Petersburg will provide a closer, more personal touch with our customers who have their head offices in the city.

3. Launching a new practice – Strategy and Operations

  1. ALTHAUS Group strives not only to be closer, but also more useful to its customers.

    A new practice is designed to help businesses build their strategic vision and optimize operations.



4. Running the 3rd WTS Global International Tax Congress

  1. Focus on customer needs is the key to success of any event according to ALTHAUS Partner Igor Smirnov. This year 150 participants took part in the Congress.

    “The main value that the Congress delivers is not just the opportunity to meet each other. We get a unique chance to exchange experience and discuss the latest trends in taxation all over the world that are relevant to our customers and their business,” said Igor Smirnov.

5. Closer cooperation with WTS Global

  1. Another milestone for ALTHAUS Group is convenience. Our membership in the international network now provides wider opportunities for our customers, such as services in various jurisdictions through one point of contact.

    In general, in 2019 ALTHAUS members attended a number of events organized by WTS Global and further developed the secondment practice (exchange of specialists between member companies). Yaroslava Klyuchko had a three-month work experience in WTS Global office in Germany, while Dennis Camps from the Netherlands worked at ALTHAUS office in Russia.



6. Acquiring ACCA Approved Employer status in Professional Development (PD) and Trainee Development (TD)

  1. A perfect consulting firm cannot do without competent experts, according to ALTHAUS Group HR Manager Svetlana Khamitova.

    In 2019 ALTHAUS Group provided new opportunities for employee training and development.

    Acquiring ACCA Approved Employer Status will enable ALTHAUS employees to:

    • get practical experience and confirm ACCA membership (CPD) according to a simplified procedure;
    • get regular training, pass exams, improve their qualifications in ACCA partner centers;
    • get news updates and research results in the area of finance and accounting;
    • get a discount for a number of ACCA services.

7. Launching ALTHAUS Group Corporate University

  1. “We did not only focus on professional growth, but also on personal development,” says ALTHAUS University Director Marina Ulanovskaya. “To create a favorable environment for new leaders of Russian economy to emerge, we launched a corporate university. Training is carried out both online and through offline seminars and workshops.”




8. Participation in the Legal Run

“Our team is the most tight-knit one!”

In 2019 ALTHAUS Legal team was one of the biggest at the charity race Legal Run. One of our partners was in the top 20 fastest 10 K runners of the total 336 runners.

9. Launching a new website

  1. “The last but not the least,” says ALTHAUS Group PR Manager Anastasiya Tupitsyna. “A perfect consulting firm cannot do without a strong brand.”

    Launching a new website was the key effort aimed at brand promotion.

    “User-friendly and informative – these were our targets for the updated version of ALTHAUS Group corporate website. We added filters based on industries and services to provide easy access to our most relevant experience. Also we now have the Press Center divided into the following sections: News, Events, Analytics, Mass Media and Video, which makes it easier to find alerts, events and key milestones in our activities,” said Anastasiya Tupitsyna.



10.Publishing a third book in ALTHAUS Group corporate library

We want ALTHAUS brand to stand for leadership, said ALTHAUS Group Managing Partner Rostislav Shatenok to sum up the results of the year. “It so happened that we launched ALTHAUS Group corporate library with two books that describe the immense potential of human nature. I believe, the story told by The Age of Pioneers is a vivid example of how strong human spirit can be and I am happy to share it with our clients, partners and friends.”

ALTHAUS Group has a lot of ambitions goals for 2020 and plans new steps to reach perfection. “Perhaps we will publish our own book at some point of time that will be called How to Become a Number One Consultant and describe all the steps to take on the way,” says ALTHAUS PR and Marketing Manager dreamily. “Persistence and true love to what you do are definitely key.”