Inventive Retail Group (IRG) that manages more than 380 specialized retail and online stores of the world leading brands, including Apple‚ Samsung, Lego, Nike, Lenovo, Acer, Dyson, Huawei and others, acquired the controlling stake of the Aristos Group. That stated by Vedomosti with reference to the parties of the deal.


The transaction was supported by ALTHAUS Legal team.


Aristos develops single-brand online Philips, Cartier, Olympus, Black & Decker stores, has developed warehouse infrastructure in Moscow, own courier service, call-center and sales department.


“Partnership with Inventive Retail Group opens a new milestone and development opportunities, and we are glad to move together”, – said Aristos Director General Andrey Khromov.


The deal is important for IRG because it leads the way to new vendors as well as e-commerce infrastructure.


In three years Inventive eCommerce plans to continue brand portfolio development, strengthen management of brand budgets at marketplaces and IT solutions and develop premium logistics service.