Corporate governance and sustainable development strategy

  • Support of the work of the SD Committee on Sustainable Development
  • Development of a sustainable development strategy and its integration into a business strategy
  • Development of a matrix of essential topics based on GTA, SA SB, CARD and integration of identified key risks into risk management
  • Implementation of the UN SDGs, identification of key goals and metrics, impact/contribution assessment
  • Joining and supporting participation in global and industry initiatives

Working with ESG ratings and investors

  • Working with leading ESG ratings (S&P CSA, MSCI, Sustainalytics, IS)
  • Working with specialized and industry ESG ratings (CDP, CHRB)
  • Working with investors on ESG-related inquiries

Disclosure of information on sustainable development

  • Preparation of a Sustainable Development Report, Annual and Integrated Reports
  • Preparation of thematic reports on ESG areas important for the company
  • Proposals for disclosure of information about sustainable development on the website
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