Present-day investment and construction consulting services involve the application of scientific knowledge and expertise to select optimal solutions for the design, construction, maintenance, and development of various types of buildings, facilities, transportation systems, utility systems, and utilitarian systems.


Our team of highly skilled professionals has a proven track record in carrying out independent construction expertise, managing the implementation of investment projects, and organizing work directly on construction sites.


By combining the efforts of engineers, economists, and lawyers, we are ready to develop and implement for you a model of a successful investment project with the best performance.


We continuously improve the planning, organization of work, coordination and control of resources, quality control system, and management to guarantee strong performance in terms of solving both engineering and technical and financial and economic tasks of any complexity.


We offer the following services:


Construction and Cost Audit


  • Analyzing the relevance and adequacy of an investment project budget
  • Analyzing the planning and building permits and title documents
  • Verifying the organizational structure of the project management and the scheme of interaction of construction participants
  • Check for the completeness of project documentation
  • Verifying the concluded contracts for compliance with the project goals and objectives
  • Analyzing the estimate documentation, including the construction cost estimate summary, the facility and local cost estimates
  • Analyzing the amount of costs incurred in the implementation of the investment project
  • Analyzing compliance with work schedules, confirming if they are relevant and feasible
  • Analyzing the quality of construction and installation work, materials, and structures used
  • Analyzing the completeness and quality of execution of the as-built documentation
  • Monitoring whether the construction and installation contractors comply with the instructions and directions of state supervisory authorities and field supervision, the requirements of the installation supervisors regarding safe construction methods, quality of work and materials used, and building structures, products, and equipment


Construction Expertise


  • Assessing the estimated scope of work for compliance with the design documents (defect logs)
  • Assessing the scope in Acceptance Certificates (Form KS-2) for compliance with the quantities of work actually completed (inspection measurement), compliance of the work scope completed with design and estimate and contractual documentation
  • Analyzing the completeness and quality of execution of the as-built documents for compliance with the codes and standards
  • Analyzing the compliance of the quality of work performed with the codes and standards
  • Assessing the cases of misuse, overpricing of construction, inefficient use of resources, targeted use of resources
  • Calculating the cost of completion


Financial and Technical Supervision


  • Observing if the project funds are spent as per their intended purpose
  • Observing the consistency of the budgeted project capital expenditures with actual costs
  • Analyzing the project finance structure by source of funding
  • Observing the consistency of the scope and cost of the work performed by contractors and called for payment, the materials purchased, and the services rendered to develop the design and estimate documents with the contractual terms and current market prices
  • Monitoring the compliance with the work schedule, observing the quality of work performed
  • Assessing the current completion status
  • Observing the document flow at the construction site and the quality of work performed
  • Observing the compliance of the construction and installation works with design documentation, applicable regulations, and construction codes
  • Observing the fulfillment of the co-investors’ obligations by their counterparties under the concluded agreements
  • Coordinating contracts and payments in the implementation of the project
  • Monitoring the collateral
  • Monitoring and evaluating the main risks associated with the implementation of the project and the risks of project cost overruns; identifying the factors leading to the deterioration in the financial position and providing suggestions for their elimination
  • Record keeping of the scope and cost of the construction and installation works that have been accepted and paid for


Preparation and Examination of Estimate Documentation


  • Assessing the estimate documentation, including the construction cost estimate summary, the facility and local cost estimates
  • Assessing the applied rates (Territorial Unit Rates, Federal Unit Rates,  Regional Pricing Center, etc.), coefficients, and the rationale for their application
  • Evaluating the approach to the planning of other costs (pioneering, design and survey work, traveling allowance, transportation of workers, etc.)
  • Conducting the cost examination of the design and estimate documentation against the market average
  • Assessing the sufficiency of the budgeted construction costs for the project implementation
  • Developing budgets and estimates for investment and construction projects


As a result of the services rendered, we provide a Report with detailed calculations, rationale, graphic materials, conclusions, and recommendations that help take timely management decisions aimed at making the project feasible and improving its value.

Evgeny Nechiporuk