On March 18, 2022, the annual conference “Corporate Law and Novelties of the Civil Code” will take place. It will bring together representatives of industrial and legal companies to discuss the most complex issues for the seventh year in a row. The event will be held in a hybrid format – online + offline.


ALTHAUS Legal Advisor Natalia Survillo will speak at the conference on the topic “Personal Funds: Corporate Governance”. The lawyer will reveal the following aspects:

  • General information about the new form of the non-profit organization “personal foundation”
  • Founder of the personal foundation: rights and responsibilities
  • Personal fund assets and income distribution
  • Beneficiaries of the personal fund
  • Controls: three levels and more
  • Subsidiary responsibility of the founders
  • Gaps and ambiguities


The program of the conference “Corporate Law and novelties of the CC” may be found on the website.


The main objective of the event is the exchange of experience and practical developments that will give impetus to further development and the possibility of applying them in professional activities. ALTHAUS Legal is the sponsor of the conference.