Fines for failure to submit annual statements and audit reports will grow

Dear colleagues,


We would like to inform you about a significant increase in fines for failure to submit or late submission of annual financial statements completed under Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) and (or) audit reports that will apply since January 1, 2021 to statements and reports for the year 2019 and later. We advise you to prepare for the amendments in the Code of Administrative Offences in advance!


Director of Transactions support joins ALTHAUS

ALTHAUS welcomes a new teammate: Marina Trifanenkova joined the team as the Director of Transactions support department on March 16, 2020.


ALTHAUS releases an Update on coronavirus for WTS Global

Members of WTS Global are building a thought leadership page on global tax developments related to the Corona-outbreak.

ALTHAUS contributed the Russian Update on coronavirus to the network and promised to continue monitoring the situation.


ALTHAUS Legal welcomes a new director – Elena Chukanova

ALTHAUS Legal Senior Associate Elena Chukanova starts spring in a new position – from March 1, 2020, she becomes a director.

Elena achieved outstanding results and solid professional growth within ALTHAUS starting from October 2017 when she joined the team.


Ivan Volkov receives a promotion to ALTHAUS Partner

ALTHAUS is happy to announce a new appointment – Ivan Volkov receives a promotion from March 1, 2020, and will continue to lead the Transaction support department as the Partner.