Dear Colleague,


Welcome to ALTHAUS University corporate page. My name is Marina Ulanovskaya, I am the Director and Inspirer of this Department.


At ALTHAUS University, we are engaged in the disclosure of talents and the development of our employees, designing and offering them various tools for personal growth, transforming into career growth.


I am sure we are efficiently coping with the task!


I invite you to evaluate our progress and learn more about the activities of ALTHAUS University, and possibly become part of our team.



Marina Ulanovskaya

ALTHAUS University Director

Organizational consultant, business trainer, coach




ALTHAUS University is an educational division of ALTHAUS, established in 2019.

The Corporate University was created to implement the company’s mission – “Training new leaders of the Russian economy through the professional and personal development of young professionals.”

Key areas of activity of ALTHAUS University:

  • Training of the company’s employees in 7 corporate competencies:




  1. Leadership and team development
  2. Self-management
  3. Customer service
  4. Result management
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Efficient communication




  • Soft skills training (trainings “Public speaking”, “Managerial skills of an effective leader”, “How to establish contact”, “Effective negotiations”, “Conflicts and strategy of behavior in conflict situations”, “Coaching approach in management”, “Coaching techniques in self-development”, “Emotional intelligence”) and development of training courses at the request of employees
  • Coaching
  • Development of external training programs for employees
  • Organization and supervision of English language courses for company employees
  • Support of the staff training process at the WTS Global Academy
  • Organization of presentations by ALTHAUS experts for young professionals in order to transfer knowledge and experience
  • Cooperation with leading universities of the Russian Federation, organization of presentations by ALTHAUS speakers at universities – Public Talks
  • Organization and supervision of ALTHAUS M&A School
  • Formation of a database of relevant knowledge in various fields of activity
  • Maintaining VK social networks and
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training sessions held in 2020 – 2021 yy

Internal educational programs ALTHAUS employees received WTS Global Academy diplomas Streams of students graduated from ALTHAUS M&A School

ALTHAUS M&A School Project

ALTHAUS M&A School is an online learning project. The school allows practitioners to transfer their experience in M&A transactions to students of leading universities across the country.

Activities of ALTHAUS M&A School:

  • Recruitment of students for the program, testing
  • Organization and coordination of the educational process
  • Organization of students’ interaction with Buddy
  • Organization of graduation in the form of networking between students and School experts
  • Recruitment of students for an internship at ALTHAUS based on the results of their studies

The duration of each stream is 1.5 months.


1 stream of ALTHAUS M&A School

13 April 2021 – 11 May 2021


19 students


Lectures as part of the training course:

  • How to successfully complete the interview
  • The role of Due Diligence in the investment process
  • M&A Taxes
  • Business and real estate valuation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Budgeting in construction
  • Valuation for M&A transaction purposes
  • Introduction to legal practice
  • Due diligence practices depending on the industry
  • Current issues of international taxation

2 stream of ALTHAUS Legal M&A School


5 October 2021 – 4 November 2021


29 students


Lectures as part of the training course:

  • Ideal consultant
  • M&A transactions “through the eyes of a lawyer”
  • Main documents in the M&A transaction / Types and contents of contracts used in M&A transactions
  • Legal Due Diligence (DD)
  • Transaction Support and Financial Due Diligence
  • Creation of conscientious enterprises: when less than 100% are bought
  • Corporate Finance in M&A transactions
  • Psychology of M&A transactions
  • Taxes accompanied by M&A transactions and Aspects of International taxation accompanied by M&A transactions
  • Cross-border M&A in Europe

3 stream of ALTHAUS M&A School

12 April 2022 – 31 May 2022


20 students


Lectures as part of the training course:

  • Opening the program
  • Due diligence role in the investment process
  • Tax M&A
  • Transfer pricing
  • Business and real estate valuation
  • Financing schedule/Construction schedule: goals, types, features
  • Valuation for M&A purposes
  • Introduction to Legal practice
  • Due diligence practices depending on the industry