On October 17, 2019 in Saint Petersburg, ALTHAUS Group held a conference “Recent Changes and New Challenges of the Tax System of Russia and the EU”. The event was organized on the opening ALTHAUS Group branch office in Saint Petersburg

Partner Igor Smirnov presented an overview of the Russian tax landscape. The leading consultant Dennis Camps highlighted in his speech the latest changes in the European tax system (ATAD, ATAD 2, substance laws etc.), and the senior manager Ekaterina Kurochkina compared article 54.1 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation with Resolution of the Supreme Arbitration Court No. 53 and told about current trends in property taxes.


“The conference was held with a great response from the participants, many questions were asked reflecting the practical interest in the topics raised,” Igor Smirnov noted at the end of the event. “I think we managed to cover the current tax trends in their entirety.”


The event was attended by about 25 representatives of the following companies: Gazprom, Gazprom Germania, Agro-Alliance, Global Ports, Power Machines, etc.